Please read carefully through below terms and Conditions.

1. Prices quoted are based on the quantities specified in the quotation and Batteries & Solar reserves the right to revise prices in the event of the quantities being reduced or increased.

2. Prices quoted are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and any variation will be for the customer’s account.

3. Quotations are valid for 7 calendar days / 1 week from the date of the quotation for

4. Returns must be made within 7 days and are subject to handling fees. Cut cable, products that shows the seal is broken and opened for own repair has no more warrantee, fuses blown and batteries are non-returnable.

5. All consumables required for load shedding systems eg. Cabling, circuit breaks etc. Are excluded.

6. Prices may differ due to transport costs, leading to different levels of stock availability at the branch.

7. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and all prices are vat inclusive.

8. Batteries & Solar agrees to efficiently and sufficiently package purchased items in preparation for shipping or collection on behalf of the Buyer. However, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to arrange collection or shipping of the purchased product(s). Suggested legitimate shipping service providers of excellence are: CoutierIt, FastWay Couriers and GlobeFlight or the Buyers preferred existing shipping service provider Batteries & Solar will not be held liable for the shipping service provider chosen by the Buyer, as the choice of such a service provider is solely at the discretion of the Buyer. It is of the utmost importance to note that: Batteries & Solar will not be held responsible for any damage in transit and the Buyer is hereby informed that, should any such matters arise from the moment the product(s) have left the Batteries & Solar s premises, damage in transit matters are to be taken up directly with the shipping service provider of their choice.

9. Batteries & Solar is happy to beat any formal written quote our clients provide us with. However, there is a qualification criteria for the Quote specifics: Quotes provided to us for better prices must be a formal Pro Forma Invoice from a legitimate registered business that has been operational for two (2) years or more. These Quotes should reflect business contact details as well as business Registration and VAT numbers. Better prices may be granted for such Quote Comparisons, only when the product is identical in Model, Brand and Specifications. Quote Comparisons items must be an exact match.

10. All warranties are manufacturing warranties. This means that faulty items are sent to the manufacturer where items are analysed in order to determine the nature of the defect. Depending on their conclusions, items may be replaced or repaired. Please note that manufacturers may take up two weeks to return replaced or repaired items. Warranties on all Inverters and charge controllers will only be honoured with proof of an electrical compliance certificate (COC) stating that the system was installed by a registered electrician. As the warranties on products may differ from each other, please enquire from the branch what the specific manufacturing warranty is for the product you intend to buy. Due to uncontrolled power surges which may occur, there are no warranties/guarantees any LED products. A one-year warrantee can be secured by adding a 20% levy to the total price. Exchanges on any electronic products (Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters and Power Systems) will only be considered once a diagnostic evaluation report has been provided by the manufacturer/supplier which will determine whether it was an error on the manufacturing side or negligence on behalf of the client. Any dysfunctional products will need to be returned to Batteries & Solar for an evaluation in the items original packaging and the original invoice to determine whether or not the problem is a manufacture error in origin. Please note: that all customers that return goods which were received from a courier service provider will be held liable for the courier fee to ensure that the products reach Batteries & Solar.

11. No orders will be placed unless funds reflect in the company’s bank account. Once payment for products has been processed and the order has been placed with our various suppliers, obtaining stock can take up to 3-5 working days depending on stock availability. Any cancellation of these orders will incur a 20% handling fee.

12. Batteries & Solar cannot be held liable for products being shipped to the incorrect address as the information was provided by the client and confirmed by the client upon his/her signature.

13. Any goods which have been ordered and paid for which is not collected within 15 days will generate a 10% storage fee.

14. As all the products that are sold through Batteries & Solar go through a quality control check before it is released to a client, Batteries & Solar will therefore not be held liable for any breakages or damages once the products have left the premises or given over to a courier service provider. If any damages occur while goods are on transit, it is the responsibility of the client/end user to contact the shipping service provider and log a query regarding any damaged goods. Any queries regarding parcels and products that have left our premises should be addressed directly to the shipping service provider. The option to arrange your own courier service provider is available. Please contact our sales consultants to arrange for the collection of the goods.


16. Please be advised that images are for marketing purposes only and the actual product might differ from what is advertised. Images are for visual reference only and packaging may differ from order to order. Batteries & Solar will only accept payment in the form of Cash, EFT payment or cards, no cheques will be accepted under any regard.

17. Should there be, in the unlikely event of faulty products, the necessity to return an item under the Manufacturer’s Warranty to Batteries & Solar all shipping/transport/courier costs are the liability of the purchaser.

18. Batteries & Solar is committed to delivering service of exceptional excellence to our clients; however, Batteries & Solar is under no circumstances responsible for the retrieval of and returning to the client, the product under warranty. It is upon the end user to make sure that the product which is purchased from Batteries & Solar will be used for the right applications and in the event should the product be purchased for the wrong applications we will not be held liable. Please ask our sales consultant for some sort of confirmation i.e. email or in writing, that the product you are purchasing will suite the purpose you intend to use it for.

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